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Howdy, and welcome to the story of Errick!

I bought Errick (RRK 674E) on eBay back in June 2014. I'd previously part owned a 90, but having a kid on the way meant that three seats wasn't going to be all that practical, so I was looking for something bigger. I've always had a fondness for a double-cab, being able to keep the wet dog out of the cabin is big a plus, so this seemed to tick all of my boxes and was within my price bracket (read cheap!). I went over to Lincoln with a mate to look it over and talk to the owner. I probably should have been more concerned when we broke down on the test drive, but if anything it heightened my affection and deepened my desire. So I won the auction (sitting outside Chatsworth House with a despairing Mrs Rann) and started to plan what I'd do. First off it I had to collect it, and sure enough on the way home I broke down again (with an increasingly irritated Mrs Rann behind in our car), but I was able to free it up and get going again.

As for history on Errick, it's fairly extensive and has been covered by LRO previously. It's a bit of an odd-ball and it is an amalgamation of around 4 different vehicles. The reg is from a 3-door 109", which was converted to a double-cab using another station-wagon, the roof was fabricated from a truck-cab, and finally it had a replacement engine from a 200TDI Discovery. It has range rover diffs, and a servo assisted braking system, but still runs the drum brakes. This was all done before I bought it, some of it was done pretty well, but other bits had been more thrown in.

Since I've owned Errick I've started working to bring him back into a good condition, so that he will hopefully last a good few more years. The list of jobs I've completed is fairly long, but the bigger jobs were:
- Completely overhauling the braking system, due to the above issue where the brakes were binding on - replacement shoes, springs, adjusters and fluid before realising the main issue was a badly fitted pedal which was fouling on the bulkhead!
- Repairing a number of electrical problems, and trying to get all dials and gauges working
- Solving an overheating problem, which I initially put down to a sticking thermostat, but it turned out there was no thermostat and that the problem was a blocked pipe and crud in the radiator
- Repainting worn areas (mainly the roof and cappings), and addressing the rust on the wheels and a replacement canvas
- Replacing the rear springs which had gone almost flat and was causing it to sit at a very strange angle
- Replacement fuel tank, due to corrosion within the tank clogging the lines and filters 

I've also started to work on improving things, for instance the original headlights are fine, but not so good on the country roads, so some extra front spots and fog lights were a must. Another thing that I found as necessary was the addition of a reversing light. Not only does it greatly improve my ability to reverse at night, but it also stops idiots in Tesco driving into me!

So far Errick can chalk up one recovery, two weddings and lots of dog walks, but I’m looking forward to getting out and doing a bit of green-laning, not to mention being a retrieve vehicle when it gets into hot air balloon season.

I don't think I quite realised until after I'd bought Errick, just how different owning a series would be from my previous Defender. There are a lot of similarities obviously as they share the same DNA, but poles apart in other areas. I’d say the series is definitely more infuriating, but what a pleasure to drive when it’s all running well.

So, what does the future hold for Errick, what else is in the pipeline?
- Sort out the air intake (possibly snorkel, but probably just a proper air box)
- Begin the re-wire, once everything is working correctly (pretty much there)
- Add a control to adjust the amount of heat from the heater (just constantly on full)
- Fix as many leaks as I can – both water in and oil etc out
- Full service on engine, gearbox and diffs
- Fit an Overdrive/upgrade gearbox/transferbox to provide lower revs at speed
- Replace the driver’s door top – currently flaps wildly in the wind
Etc etc etc

Chris, Julia, Frankie, Joey and Meg